If you love

  • Communicating and interacting with people
  • Helping everyone
  • Being passion about technology without any knowledge of coding.

And you are

  • Sociable and friendly
  • Knowing how to deliver and explain information easily
  • Loving challenging, feel what customer feel when faced with problems
  • Happy helping customers solve their problems while using our system—a CRM system
  • Understanding the roles of Customer Success Specialist
  • Not hesitated to ask for help

If you can

  • Get used to the features of a software quickly. Imagine how a customer would use the software, guesstimate the problems before they happen
  • Listen to customers carefully and understand what they want to express
  • Recap quickly and arrange the priority tasks.
  • Communicate well with teammate and present the current issues to teammate
  • Apply marketing knowledge to work

Interesting enough?

Fill out the form below and send us your information before 15/06/2016.

SSS Full-stack Engineer

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