Silicon Straits Saigon is a product development labs focus on building mobile and web applications. We are not traditional outsourcing company, we provide product development services and help turning ideas into production-ready MVPs.

We are looking for Web Developers & Mobile Developers

Job Descriptions

What will you do?

– Build real products for many different markets with lots of exciting challenges.

– Join multiple small teams of full-stack engineers and UI/UX designer and work directly with Clients to turn their ideas/concepts into workable product.

– Figure out what need to be done from an abstract requirement,  then suggest technology and framework that most suitable to solve that problem.

– Learn new technology everyday, then apply into new projects to make them more awesome.

– Become an expert in building new products and a full-stack engineer.

Who do we need?

– OOP, Agile, Scrum, MVC, TDD, BDD, Big Data, … we name it, you know it. Or at least you can Google/Wiki/Stackoverflow it and learn quickly.

– Experience with Ruby on Rails (for Web Developer). Another scripting language is a plus.

– Experience with iOS or Android (for Mobile Developer). Knowing both is a BIG plus.

– Love playing with back-end logic and/or enhancing front-end user experience.

– Be able to pick up a new language in very short time (2-3 weeks)

– Self development to become a full-stack engineer.

– Always pro-active, in both solving problem and finding problems to solve.

What is it like working with us?

– Find out yourself at our blog and our facebook page

– Flat and dynamic working environment.

– Unlimited leave.

– Competitive salary.

– Insurances, compensation package, .. we got you covered.

Please take our hiring test at so that we could understand about each other better.

SSS Full-stack Engineer

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