Introducing the Silicon Straits Universe – where great people build great products to help create great companies.
This vision connects and guides us through all the dots we have created over the past few years after building over a hundred products all around the world with more than seventy people working at our core now (plus many many more in affiliated businesses).
Through various projects and products built directly in our foundry, we go way beyond conventional outsourcing and instead regularly form deep collaborations. This typically involves partnering with individuals, startups or existing enterprises who have deep domain expertise or market reach, an appetite for innovation, and are looking at jointly building great new businesses (co-creation)
Furthermore, we create our own internal products and groom them to be spun-off afterwards, preparing them to grow into sustainable businesses in their own right whilst having continuous access to the other elements of the ecosystem (spin-offs).
Finally, for some ventures, the missing link between the present and future success may be available resources, so we may just be able to help bridge that gap by investing money or time to help other people with their dreams.
Though important in their totality, in isolation, some of the steps we take and discoveries we make as well as some of the links we create might not be as clear or even seem random. However, together they keep opening up new horizons and connecting more dots to help shape and grow our Silicon Straits Universe. Our ongoing success over the past three years is the best validation, and we cannot wait to see how much further our universe will expand over the next 5 or even 10 years.

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