In September 2016, we officially opened a new office on ground floor of Garden Court 2, Phu My Hung, District 7, HCMC. This was also our second office expansion, and along with the increase in number of employees, it reflects the development of Silicon Straits during more than 3 years. Let’s look back our office through the years.

The very first office

In February 2013, TGM Tech (the precursor of Silicon Straits) was based in third floor of Mirae Business Center, 268 To Hien Thanh, District 10, HCMC. This one was also the office of other familiar startups such as TGM Corporation, 2359 Media Vietnam, and Grab Vietnam.

Silicon Straits the very first office
Our very first office at Mirae Business Center


Moving to District 7

In July 2013, we moved to District 7, and since then, have lived and worked in peace and contentment here. We rented two levels (ground and first floors). The total office space was 293 sqm.

First days moving to new home
First days moving to new home


Silicon Straits office at 147 Ton Dat Tien
The original space


Working on progress
Working in progress


Stage 1: The original space

In the beginning, first floor was used as working place and downstairs was used as a meeting room and English class. We had 30 people in our team then.

Old office-1
First floor


old office 2
Ground floor


Stage 2: Renovating ground floor

The ground floor was renovated into Chocolate Lounge, later renamed to Air Lounge.

Chocolate Lounge
Chocolate Lounge


Inside Chocolate Lounge
Inside Chocolate Lounge


Air Lounge at the beginning
Air Lounge at the beginning


Stage 3: The first office expansion

In mid 2014, the number of pirates went up to 40. As we were growing rapidly and new members were joining our company, we needed more space. Hence, we decided to hire the space next door on the same first floor and doubled our office space from 293 sqm to 567 sqm.

Visiting new office space
Visiting new office space


In October 2014, our new expansion office was officially put into operation. You can see its original design in the photos below.

Silicon Straits’ Office 2014

Thanks to SpaceWalker’s (our design squad) great concepts, Guardian Angels’ support, and others’ creative ideas, our office became more beautiful, more organized, and more optimized for productive works.

Silicon Straits’ Office 2015


Stage 4: Renovating our old office space

In May 2015, we started to renovate the old office with the highlight on 3 mini-meeting room and more space for pirates to work and relax.

Silicon Straits’ Office 2015


Stage 5: The second office expansion

In September 2016, our team grows rapidly to 90 people. We leased another office space on the ground floor, increasing our total area from 567 sqm to 757 sqm.

Visiting new office space for the second time
Visiting new office space


Silicon Straits’ Office Earth
Inside ground floor office


Silicon Straits’ Office panel
Silicon Straits’ sign panel at night


Silicon Straits Team
Us in front of our ship


Our office has not been built just during the construction time. It is built via the contribution of every Silicon Straits’ members day by day throughout 3 years. Each corners reflects exactly who we are, where we are from, what we believe, and how we grow. We might change and so might our office, but these pictures are our mementos of the days we have grown together as a family.


Speacial thanks to:

  • Hai An, Kent Nguyen, Chi Cao, Bao Thinh, Tat Trung, and Chu Kiet… for capturing these memorable moments.
  • Minh Tuan and Giap Hong for helping me make this blog post better.

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