Who we are

At Silicon Straits our overarching motto is great people, great products, great companies. We believe one leads to another and none of them can be achieved in isolation. We look at interesting problems and opportunities from all over Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and other parts of the world and then, either alone or together with partners, define and deliver solutions for these problems through building new products all the way to supporting the creation of completely new companies.

What you will be doing as Product Manager at SS

All the creativity, energy and great ideas of the people working on new products and ideas will need to be managed to ensure these activities are coordinated and point into the same direction. You will be driving this in the following ways:

  • Communicating with different people (tech, business, designers etc.) to identify and come up with the various different requirements to form the best solution
  • Breaking down big ideas and requirements into smaller tasks for different people to work on and coordinate the output
  • Ensure that everybody knows what their task is and there’s nothing holding them back from doing their job
  • Monitor and report the overall project progress back to the various internal and external stakeholders

You will be owning a product meaning you have full responsibility to make sure it gets built in the best possible way. After all, one of our core values is: “Own your product, build with your heart”.

What you should bring along

  • Strong problem solving skills and willingness to roll up one’s sleeves to get the job done
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills – locally as well as internationally (you will be working with many overseas clients!)
  • Significant attention to details and willingness to follow-through on these “details” – things are not done when a discussion reaches a conclusion but rather only when that outcome is actually implemented.
  • A healthy sense of paranoia and the acceptance that Murphy’s law is real (“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”) – instead of freaking out over things not going according to your plan, however, you understand that you can’t always prevent this but rather should make sure that whatever the situation is, you’re able to deal with it then
  • Solid technical background with understanding and/or hands-on experience in software development and web or mobile technologies
  • A deep love with tech products, passion about shipping out impactful products
  • A strong willingness to keep learning and pushing yourself to higher and higher levels.
  • Prior experience in the retail industry is a plus.

In return, you will receive

  • The opportunity to work on some of the most impactful projects happening in the region with you being a critical part of their delivery!
  • An environment where everybody wants you to grow and succeed – we help map out your strengths and weaknesses across 18 different criteria, look at tailor-made ways for you to address these and grow your career
  • Your entry ticket into becoming part of the SS Universe
  • All the usual perks you’d expect from a fast growing company like free lunch, annual wage supplement, various training programs, free weekly football, free fruit, amazing offices including sleeping rooms, annual company retreats (e.g. Dalat, Cambodia etc.)

Do impress us

If this sounds like you, please proceed to submit your updated CV to [email protected] explaining why you would be the perfect candidate for this role and how you will help us in our pursuit of building great people, great products, great companies.

SSS Full-stack Engineer

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