Mobile Apps are exciting, you have the whole world and every single tool you need in your hand any moment. Using them is addictive enough, when we discovered our unique ability to be able to create such fanciful and no less functional screens and put them in your hand, we just feel in love with the trade.

In short, we’d want to make app that:

  • has fancy UI
  • has great UX
  • pushed boundary of technology
  • convey a meaningful message
  • … you’ll die to have in your hand


TGM Studio is our mobile team’s page with more info about our top-ranking apps range from Ebook platform to Personality test and customized marketing solutions.

Of course, you can check out our iTunes developer pages too

Our recent apps:

Wishing Board Mobile Apps

Wishing Board

Trắc nghiệm tính cách Mobile Apps

Trắc nghiệm tính cách

Trắc nghiệm 8 loại trí thông minh

Trắc nghiệm 8 loại trí thông minh

SSS Full-stack Engineer

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Published by Bui Hai An

Co-Founder and Digital Technologist @ Silicon Straits Saigon.