People often ask us: who we are, what we are doing and why we are doing all these crazy projects instead of something else. We did not have a clear answer before until recently. We “accidentally” came across this quote “It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the Navy” and indeed it became our message to convey what we do. 

SSS Pirate

That’s what we stand for at Silicon Straits Saigon – Home of the pirates – a place where:

  • full of sun-light (like in a pirate ship sailing across the ocean)
  • we can build and break things
  • we discuss and be intrigued by science and technology (from web, to mobile, to engineering stuff, or even .. things as random as LitteBits)
  • we can be our true self (to wear anything to work, from short and sandals to hipster clothes)
  • we explore our creativity to go beyond any boundaries
  • and a lot more …

We are young, and that fresh energy is channelled into making these amazing products that we proudly put on the name-tag: “Made by the Pirates”


Bonus: we also have Captain America with us, so .. beware!!!

SSS Captain America
Captain working at nite


P.S: the pirate drawing above if the first artwork from a very talented intern artist we have in da house. Guess who she is among these pirates

SSS Team of Pirates

SSS Full-stack Engineer

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Published by Bui Hai An

Co-Founder and Digital Technologist @ Silicon Straits Saigon.