Intern Embedded Engineer

Job Description

Are you interested in designing and building circuits, embedded softwares as they apply to the Internet of Things? The Locker team is a critical part of the engineering organization improving how we build, break and rebuild at SmartThings
We are looking for an individual with a passion for making development teams more efficient and productive. Someone who loves to break things and inject quality into software throughout the entire development lifecycle. As an Locker, you will be given the opportunity design circuits, IoT system communications, write firmwares and softwares to adapt the system.


  • Design circuit with MCU to control automation devices.
  • Designing and wiring solution for product.
  • Image processing with available open source (OpenCV …)
  • Write firmware/software to compose data and send to server.
  • End-to-end operating IoT solution.

Our expectations

  •  1 year experience in designing circuits with MCU and peripheral module (bluetooth, NFC, SIM … ) .
  • Familiar with Raspberry Pi/Orange Pi (Linux system) .
  • Have experience in working with Arduino/MCU.
  • Proficiency in, at least, one modern programming language such as C, C++, Python or Go.
  • Got open mind to learn new things.

Tests :

 1 – Design circuit and code the program base on any MCU/Arduino that you are familiar with below requirements:
       – Your product receive number from computer to control speed of 12V DC fan(like number from 1 to 5, 5 is the highest speed)
       – Read analog data from load cell. From your computer, type any characters to request the load cell data.
       – Control Forward and Backward 1 AC motor by command line from your computer.

Deliver: screenshot (3D preferable)

2 – Operate a program on RPi to replace computer in exercise 1, and run the program at RPi startup.

Deliver: source code

—–Send to email [email protected]

Do impress us

If this sounds like you, please proceed to submit your updated CV to [email protected] explaining why you would be the perfect candidate for this role and how you will help us in our pursuit of building great people, great products, great companies.

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