Recently, we had a request from customer to make an app that help people in difficult situations send out help message immediately. The weird thing is that although the app is build for Android only (because iOS do not allow 3rd app to send SMS automatically), they want to make it hybrid application. Imagine that you have heart attack need to send help message but unfortunately the app is not respond to user input, that’s why this kind of app need to be extremely reliable, but that is one of the weaknesses of HTML5/hybrid app. Besides, it’s not utilize the biggest advantage of hybrid app that is cross platform development. This app absolutely should be native.
So, when to use HTML5/hybrid and when to use native for mobile development? We recently have a discussion about this topic, please find the slide on Slideshare for more details. Summarily, for better user experience, native app is always the first choice at this time, for some specific requirements (i.e. app for a marketing campaign, app for events) we can consider to use HTML5 to save cost and time. HTML5 has a long way to go, however it’s very potential as web technology for mobile continues to improve.

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Published by Lương Tất Trung

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