Who we are…

…at Silicon Straits Saigon, we build impactful products for businesses in South East Asia and worldwide! We have been working with many different stakeholders and have delivered over 100 projects successfully since starting our journey.

Over the years, we have been exposed to a number of unique opportunities building hard- and software products and creating significant IP which we own and which are already being used by paying customers in Vietnam and overseas. It is time for us to now double down on our efforts to not only build great products but turn those into great companies as well.

What we believe…

Successful startups need to get three things right – they need to build great PRODUCT, find and monetize on great MARKET and ultimately create great ORGANIZATION.

Whilst our core competency and culture focuses a lot around building great products, building great startups will take something slightly different which is why we need you.

We are looking for…

… a person who can combine a number of the great products coming out of our current work and build a business around each of these products.

Specifically, this means that you will:

  • help define the business value proposition and product positioning, identify target customers and prepare a business plan for each offering
  • get your hands dirty by going out and doing actual business development for these new businesses closing deals and signing up new customers
  • set up an infrastructure to support these customers through remote as well as physical support processes
  • working closely with Product team to help build the roadmap and iterate the product based on market and customers’ feedback.

Ultimately, we expect you to take our products and do whatever it takes to make them the basis for strong standalone spin-offs without having to worry about engineering quality.

This is a senior position and the successful applicant will have the opportunity to ultimately lead a separate business unit we will form around this venture building arm.

Do impress us

Interested candidates are invited to send us their updated CV to [email protected] with an explanation of why they are the right person for the job.

SSS Full-stack Engineer

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