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It used to be really cool having a nice website that you can show to people around. But it has since became so easy that practically anyone can put up a perfectly designed company website in a few minutes. Even though you had cracked your head for hours trying to spit out words by words hopefully it could portray what your grand vision, no one really pays much attention to the fanciful copywriting anymore.

As we expanding the team and rebranding ourselves, we faced the same classic challenge: putting up an “about us” website to at least tell our client who we are! And despite being in the trade and helped tons of companies setting up their website, we found it difficult to find the right time to “just do it”. Ironically, our partners, other web development companies and agencies similar to us, are having the exact same trouble of putting up own website. We  jokingly gave 101s excuses for not having a proper website.

Finally, we set it to be our challenge to deliver something different and “make us cool again”TM. Our requirements: blue and white colour theme, simple, loud, to the point, minimal content, and it has to be responsive as well.

Of course like any sane person, we used a foundation template to begin our work! To be fair, our defence is that it wasn’t come in blue and we had to change quite a bit of it.

In the beginning we were just fiddling with the code, added in Bootstrap and replaced the text and only focused on the desktop version. Somewhere along the line, someone accidentally load the site on an iPhone and made a comment “hey, it looks like a namecard!”. THAT was the Eureka moment for us, the rest is history.

So pickup your smartphone now, load up Chrome (still on Safari, seriously?), type in and tell us what you see!

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Published by Kent Nguyen

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