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1. Use any tool of your choice (Cadsoft EAGLE, Altium Designer, OrCAD…, export file to PDF/image), design a schematic and PCB CAD that has the following capacity priorities:

– Use ATMEGA328
– Communicate SPI to NRF24L01(NRF24L01 is available)
– Design pulse power supplies (220V to 5V) onboard
– Design capacitive touch sensor on board
– PCB board is as small as possible
– Maximum: 2 layers
– Wire width >= 8mil
– Via diameter >= 12mil
– Easy to solder manually

2. Program MCU (prefer STM32F4) using FreeRTOS that is able to implement 2 main tasks:
– Task 1: Blinking led
– Task 2: Use button to controlled manually


SSS Full-stack Engineer

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