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If you are as paranoid as us or simply curious, click here to find out how many apps you have authorized so far in your entire many years of using Facebook. Certainly you will be able to spot tons of crappy titles that you are not even sure that you ever used. Sure, you want to remove them since they might be “leaking” your personal information (again, if you are as paranoid as us). So let take  a precious-3-minutes of your time for a little Spring Cleaning  exercise, just to deauthorize facebook apps (all of them) and bring back the peace (for your mind and your confidential data obviously)

One option is you can click one by one until the end of the list, but in the spirit of the Pirates, we want to do things a little bit faster and wipe them all (that is Spring Cleaning all about). Here’s a little hack we discovered for Chrome and Firefox:

1. Visit the page and select Sort by Alphabetical, wait for all the app to show up

2. Open Chrome’s console or Firefox’s console by pressing
Chrome: Mac-Option-J (on Mac) or Ctrl-Shift-J (on Windows)
Firefox: Mac-Option-K (on Mac) or Ctrl-Shift-K (on Windows)

3. Paste the following code and press Enter:


And if you are curious how that is possible, what the script does is essentially go through all the small “x” buttons and click on every one of them for you.

Lastly, with the above hack, you may “accidentally” remove useful ones. But at lease you have a choice to carefully adding back those you really need to give away your precious personal data. So be more careful and paranoid this time to avoid another cleaning few months down the road.

Don’t forget to share with your friend and help them do a little bit of spring cleaning this Lunar New Year ;)


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