Below is the photo taken from our Adwords “class”, 2.45pm Thursday. After that will be Ruby on Rails class, also taken place in this room. And who is that lovely teacher? She’s Duy Thanh, our own Marketing girl. Who are the students? the marketing team including our interns.

SSS - Google Adwords class

What so special about this classroom thing we are having?

To us, it’s part of our culture of teaching. Even though we not have a formal value/culture code yet, but teaching inherently part of our startup culture from Day 0. At SSS, everyone can be a teacher, a trainer or a coach. Because we believe each of us always has something “cool” to teach, to share. And by teaching other people on something, we become better at it.

Beside English class which we got a professional English teacher, most of the classroom and sharing sessions conducted by our own pirates. So far we have: iOS class, Ruby on Rails class, Google Adwords class, monthly sharing sessions with different kind of topics, Ruby Meetup, Docker Meetup, … Coming up is Linux class, Customer Development class and so on.

What is different between Teaching and Sharing?

Teaching is to make those people who attend could be able to do something afterward. Teaching has a “call to action”, an inspiration to create something new. It can just be a new blog post (after content marketing class), an Adwords campaign (after Google Adwords class) or an Web Application (after Ruby on Rails class) and Mobile Application (after iOS Class).

SSS - Ruby on Rails Class
Ruby on Rails Class
Linux 101 class
Linux 101 Class
SSS -Docker Workshop
Docker Workshop

Sharing is about “spreading” knowledge and to get the attendance the “WOW” when they know something new. But it is not necessary asking them to do anything. It’s good if the Sharing session could drive “changes” in behaviour, but it could just a moment of discovery. That’s good enough for a sharing session.

SSS - Team sharing on Project Management
Team sharing on Project Management
SSS - Team sharing on Human body ratio
Team sharing on Human body ratio
Technical sharing and discussion on Object Oriented Programming
Technical sharing and discussion on Object Oriented Programming

We have both Sharing and Teaching at SSS. Everyone of us love to share, love to teach. And more importantly, love to learn and love to create new things. That’s our culture.

How do we have such a culture?

Looking back, we are really proud that each of us love teaching and sharing. And here is how we got it:

  • Begin with the hiring and recruiting process: We would ask candidate questions on how they would love to teach others about the skills they have.
  • Create the stage: We have monthly and ad-hoc sharing sessions. For proper class, sometime we have people volunteer as well as we explicitly asking them to teach on certain topic.
  • Break the barriers: People is often shy to speak in front of people. Most of us are. Hence lots of encouragement needed, especially at the beginning. After a while, they will see and feel that it’s not really a big deal.
  • Give them playground to exercise: It would be really disappointed if we learn something and could not apply to our daily works. So before they could do real works, some side and fun projects to practice what they learn will help a lot.
  • Don’t limit on what topics people could share: lots of time it will be not job-related, but those topics are their passion, their hobby. Then give them a chance to spread those love to peers. You will be surprise that many other would enjoy too.

Hey, if you have a great team like us and they also sharing a lot then we would love to have some joint events. It would be so cool. Drop us a line in the comment if you want to connect.

SSS Full-stack Engineer

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