Hackathons could finally be fun… again

Silicon Straits Saigon and events Since the premier of Silicon Straits Saigon (SSS), we have aimed to become not only a fun and innovative working place but also a gathering space for like-minded people: developers, hackers, and challenge-seekers. To support this vision, one of our focuses is to organize  a wide range of interesting and fun events. […]

How long does it take to make apps nowadays?

Two years ago I wrote “Dear business people, an iOS app actually takes a lot of work!” and until today I have not really revealed publicly how it was the little accidental ‘overnight-success’ I had. So here it is: on the first day it stayed on HackerNews‘ front-page for a breaking record of more than […]

Staying sane while managing multiple projects

Managing several projects at the same time is definitely not an easy task. Doing it remotely is an even greater challenge. The most consuming task of all is no doubt communication: getting updates, reading reports, spotting potential the roadblocks, knowing critical events, etc… I’m running a relatively large remote software development team of 40+ people. […]

Getting start with Intel Galileo: calling APIs using Python

We’ll continue reviewing Galileo from previous post. In this article, we’ll give you instruction to setup and a quick example with Galileo (we assume that you are already familiar with Arduino tools and framework). Arduino Galileo IDE First, you need to download the Arduino IDE built specifically for Intel Galileo (get it from Intel site […]

Intel Galileo board: Quick comparison with Raspberry Pi an Arduino Yun

We recently got our hands on one of 50.000 free Intel Galileo boards distributed to universities and wondered if this board would have any major advantages over two well-known single board computers (SBC) Raspberry Pi and Arduino Yun. TL;DR Galileo’s hardware concept is cool, however the software ecosystem is no where near ready for mainstream. […]

We’re hiring: Web Developers & Mobile Developers

Silicon Straits Saigon is a product development labs focus on building mobile and web applications. We are not traditional outsourcing company, we provide product development services and help turning ideas into production-ready MVPs. We are looking for Web Developers & Mobile Developers What will you do? – Build real products for many different markets with […]

SSS Hiring Challenges – The “lucky” secret behind our strong team

One thing we are really proud of at Silicon Straits Saigon is the TEAM. We found, very much early, a way to filter for the best-fit developers, that’s our Hiring Challenges. It was our “lucky” secret! Until today the challenge has been around for almost 2 years and here is what we’ve got so far. Why this is […]

Monitor backend services with Monit

Most of modern web applications rely on backend services (such as database, cache, scheduler…) to function properly. So keeping these services always up is very important, especially when your system is running on a production environment. Besides being able to put a service up again when it suddenly crashes for some reason, a monitor program […]

Uprading HAProxy 1.4 to 1.5 for native SSL support without downtime

By default Ubuntu 14.04 comes with HAProxy 1.4. It works fine until you need to support SSL for your web application because HAProxy 1.4 doesn’t support SSL natively. This was my case when I had to install SSL for a website which was served behind a load balancer using HAProxy 1.4 on a Ubuntu 14.04 […]

Some commands to help working with MySQL easier

The following commands may help you save your time when it comes to backup, restore or repair your MySQL database. 1. Export a database: You can also export and compress a database as well: 2. Import a database from file: 3. Import a gzipped SQL file to a database: 4. Backup a database, compress it […]