So you figure out that your B2B Company needs a Facebook Page to generate user engagement in order to meet a certain marketing goal or a community for customers to keep in touch with your brand. And for many, you have already set up your Facebook Business Page.

Now, you find yourself walking around like a chicken with a head cut off. Your timeline is boring and hasn’t got much engagement.

In return, you may doubt whether creating a Facebook Page is a right choice for your current business. You don’t know what kind of content you should create more for your B2B Facebook page? Anyway, you are stuck here at this Facebook Page Step in branding for B2B?

In fact,  through Facebook Page, B2B companies can truly differentiate their offering, make them more relevant to customers and may matter even more than in B2C.

As a brand new startup one, we figured out an interesting thing – a magic point to answer for questions like “What should we post on our B2B Facebook Page?” or “How can we create consistent content between our Facebook Page and our B2B Brand?”

Make it Human Being – with a clear personality

Your B2B brand needs its personality derived from who you are, who you want to be and who you will be recognized.

Brands matter because companies act just like people when it comes to evaluating what products or services to buy. – 

For example, at our Silicon Straits Saigon Facebook Page we choose to make it a Sunny Personality one, which totally matches with our work’s notes.

(A development lab that launched by pirates who are really passionate about building as well as breaking things. We love to work with individuals and business units to turn ideas into prototypes and working products.)


First thing first

What does a person do?

What does a person with clear personality do?

(also What are difference between a certain person and a person with sunny personality?)

A certain person normally will just talk about himself, how rich he is and try to persuade you dating him by listing lots of “benefits”

In this case, your B2B Facebook Page has already fulfilled with information about your company, your product’s features and its benefits.

At the end of the day, it’s not enough for persuading or making an OMG-attitude toward your customers.


And when we mean a Sunny Personality

A person with sunny personality is not only talk about himself, he talks to you, share experiences and interests.

He must be the one who has a point of view, strong opinion, showing you how awesome he is and why both of you indeed need with each other, not convincing but letting you make your own decision.

To whoever keeps an eye on you, he is a formidable opponent.



          1. Say “Hello” in a unique way.

          2. Inspired your customers.

          3. Also mention “Who inspired us?”.

          4. 70% of the time updating and resharing.

          5. Sharing is caring / Teaching is learning.

Hence, as often as not, with every post we have balanced ourselves walking along the same personality that we aimed at.

Now, I’m about to show you live examples of what we have implemented on our B2B Facebook Page

The below are some best practices taken from our Silicon Straits Saigon Facebook Timeline. Hope this can give you thinking in the right direction.


1. Say “Hello!” in a unique way

We do introduce about our services, our products, their features and benefits but we do it in a totally stunning way.

We do not only show the result but also show the process behind the scenes. That’s how many time we breaking things, changing perspective, over rearranging.

h1 copy


2. Inspired your customers

For example, you can tell your company’s stories, highlight your vantage-points. Maybe you know you need to post something like that on you B2B timeline but the question is how to keep it from over boasting of yourself?

You will need to speak out your interests, your favor, more importantly being a sunny one you also need to share some specific interesting info that only you know or hard searching anywhere else.

The problem here is that most B2B companies all mention about how big they are, their human resources, their revenue, etc. Maybe your customers, your partners like to know more about the working environment, the company culture, or whether your company’s insight is awesome as its look.

Explain for them, give them some behind the scenes

Here we go

  • Awesome working environment and fancy culture

Boosting energy snacks available here at Silicon Straits Saigon

Get-a-Mac employee’s benefit

Our garden ideas

  • Our moment of the truth

h4Coding time

SSS cinema

  • State of the arts

Our cool stuff


Review article: Hand-on Leap Motion

  • Activities 

Our first Geek House event


About to attend


Employee’s Milestone (birthday, marriages individual accomplishment, etc)

Sushi time

Mid-autumn party

Inhouse – studying (training for employees)

Prize: company T-shirt design

  • Market research and surveys


Quick survey about working environment

3. Also mention “Who inspired us?”

We are inspired by Steve Jobs, who we consider as a hero in our business.


Okay now you see, we have his inspiration quote in front of our website and of course Silicon Straits Saigon Facebook Page’s cover photo has the same notion.


4. 70% of the time updating and resharing

We take most time to hunt down every piece of news, good contents on related product market. This also makes it much, much easier to describe us as a leadership in our playground. Well we know what hot things around and we have our own views but not just copy and paste.



Resharing good tip

Our thought about iOs7

5. Sharing is caring / Teaching is learning.

That’s why we are not afraid of revealing how we have done, tips that we have experienced for the most productivity in working.

This kind of post requires much more area than normal, so it’s often an article on our blog that is linked on the Facebook Page.

An attempt to consolidate important changes

One of a How-to article from blog

How to become a productive programmer ?

So figure out your B2B personality, pick up right-time content and approaching your ideas in the same way.

For the next article, I’m going to write a short note telling what we have done with Facebook Ads, why we think it helps us in Branding and of course the result. See yo!

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