We are looking for Senior Back-end & Senior Front-end

Working at Silicon Straits & Parcel Perform We aren’t a typical startup! Parcel Perform is a 1-year-old spin-off of Silicon Straits, we share the same office, culture and benefits. (Yes, it might be confusing, speak to us to find out more). Parcel Perform raised a USD350K seed round to improve the last mile of the e-commerce […]

We are looking for HTML/CSS senior developer

Location 147 Tôn Dật Tiên, District 7, Saigon, Vietnam Salary Expectation $700-1000 (full-time) Part time arrangement is available, before joining full-time. Responsibilities We need your help to convert our designs into clean & beautiful HTML/CSS. For internal and external projects. Other responsibilities also includes: sketch wireframes from ideas. work with designers to shape final designs. rewrite/convert […]

How long does it take to make apps nowadays?

Two years ago I wrote “Dear business people, an iOS app actually takes a lot of work!” and until today I have not really revealed publicly how it was the little accidental ‘overnight-success’ I had. So here it is: on the first day it stayed on HackerNews‘ front-page for a breaking record of more than […]

Staying sane while managing multiple projects

Managing several projects at the same time is definitely not an easy task. Doing it remotely is an even greater challenge. The most consuming task of all is no doubt communication: getting updates, reading reports, spotting potential the roadblocks, knowing critical events, etc… I’m running a relatively large remote software development team of 40+ people. […]

Hướng dẫn thu chương trình TV trực tuyến

Nhờ team SSS được quay phóng sự và lên sóng FBNC, bọn mình đã mò ra được cách để thu chương trình TV trực tuyến một cách dễ dàng và hiệu quả nhất. Cho nên bọn mình chia sẻ ở đây, để dành sử dụng cho lần sau cũng như để giúp những bạn nào […]

Transition to iOS 7, what this means for non-developers

As an iOS developer myself, up until the official launch I still had doubts about what it really means to transition from iOS 5/6 to the new iOS 7. This blog post is an attempt to consolidate the important changes that are relevant to non-developers, such as designers, business folks and anyone who wants to […]

UI responsiveness: OSX vs. Windows, iOS vs. Android

  I started using Apple products since 2007, when I started college. I used all my savings to order a custom 15″ Macbook Pro mid 2007 model with glossy screen (back then it was default to matte). And I then adopted iPhone trend beginning with iPhone 3G. Before that I had been a long time Windows user, […]

I learnt to run a startup, and then I learnt again

My iPhone wallpaper for past 1 year It’s nearly 4am and I found myself wide awake, reconciling the TODOs and meetings for tomorrow and couldn’t get back to sleep. These days I can hardly define what is the clock that my body follows. Honestly, I wasn’t prepared for any of what has happened during the […]


This post is a guest post written for Inspired Magazine on the same topic of understanding user experience. What is UX? UX stands for User eXperience. A little more comprehensive would be: the entire interaction that starts even before your user uses your product until long after. I don’t remember when I began to hear the term UX, but […]